Friday, October 1, 2010

Readings for November 2 meeting

Reflecting on the Legacy of Barbara Christian

3 Barbara Christian readings

“But Who Do You Really Belong To—Black Studies or Women’s Studies?” (1989)

Fall 2010 meetings

November 2
12:40-2pm (Lunch will served)
Hamilton Smith 101
Reflecting on the Life and Work of Barbara Christian

Location, time, and title to be announced
Presentation by Charli Valdez (English)
In his paper, Dr. Valdez uses transborder theory to examine depictions of immigration in Chicano poetry. 


The Critical Race and Gender Studies Working Group facilitates a spirit of intellectual community among faculty and graduate students conducting research on various aspects of race and gender in literature, film, and cultural studies. The intentions of the group are to enrich the research of the participants by including a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives on the role of race and gender in the humanities.  In addition to reading and discussing articles and books, we also host guest speakers and share works-in-progress (article drafts, job talks, etc.).  We meet twice per semester.